When my husband and I decided to go take a big leap and create a publishing company, we were clear that we wanted the Quiet Rebel Bureau to be more than just a place where books are published.  We wanted to create a platform where writers, emerging authors and entrepreneurs in the mind-body-spirit field could have a voice.  There is so much good work being done in this world but most goes unnoticed. Quiet Rebels need to be heard!

Today, we met one of those ‘quiet rebels’ at a talk at The Mystic River Lounge, owned by my friend Kate May.  She met the speaker, Ben Hornsby, quite by chance one evening and got to hear some of his story.  Inspired and intrigued, she invited him to speak at her cafe in Cosham today.

I hadn’t planned on going to the talk but one of those friendly Facebook reminders popped up with events in the local area.   Seeing the reminder, I knew I wanted to go so we rushed about and actually arrived early (which surprised me as we were still in bed at 9am and the talk started at 10.30).

Ben Hornsby at Mystic River Lounge

Ben’s story is heartbreaking in places and really until these past few years, full of sadness and darkness.  His words tugged at my heart as he spoke about using drugs and alcohol as a child as a way to cope with life.  He became a heroin addict, dealt drugs, spent time in prison, faced a family tragedy, and eventually ended up on the streets homeless.  And then one day, while he was at his lowest, a random act of kindness turned his life around.

I admire Ben for his honesty and speaking his truth.  His story isn’t an easy one to tell but it’s one that needs to be told.  He went from being homeless and drug dependent to sober.  Rather than let his past overshadow his present, he’s using his story to help and inspire others.

Ben’s story is exactly why I wanted to start the Quiet Rebel Bureau.  And I’m excited that over the coming months, we’ll be working with him to write and publish his book.  Stay tuned!

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