The importance of decluttering your sacred digital space

In today’s world, computers come with an amazing amount of storage. Even the most basic models have more places to collect files than even the busiest entrepreneur can use. In addition, even more data can be placed in clouds. Whilst this is great news because you can have virtually infinite space to gather your documents for very little money, there is a downside.

With so much room there’s no longer a hurry to delete files that are outdated or no longer relevant. In time, the bulk of your storage becomes a data graveyard. This can greatly limit your business growth and earning potential.

Science has proven that our brains can only contain so much information. Attempting to remember where you’ve placed a specific piece of data creates unnecessary strain for your brain. By decluttering your digital rubbish, you free the brain to perform other more relevant tasks.

Electronic clutter is also well known to cause stress. When opening an area that’s filled to the brim with documents, overwhelm sets in immediately. By the time your brain registers that not all the documents need to be interacted with, adrenaline has already raced through your body and diminished your productivity.

By now, you can understand that getting rid of your unnecessary files isn’t about making things look tidy but about creating certainty about where things are so that your business can be more productive.

How to relieve technical anxiety and increase productivity

To declutter your digital space, begin with your email inbox since this is the entry point for most documents. Brief each post. If you need it, place it in a clearly marked folder. If you don’t, delete it.

Now that your email box is clean, you can keep it that way with this simple sorting technique.

After you brief your emails:

  • Delete junk mail and any posts you have no interest in
  • Move emails that require a prompt response to a priority inbox
  • Move social media updates and valued email newsletters to a “Read later” folder
  • If there’s any of the above that is no longer useful or entertaining unsubscribe from them
  • If there are multiple emails from the same person, ask them to combine them into one email or ask if the situation could best be handled with a phone or video meet up
  • Next go into your file manager and brief your folders. Only keep the ones that you’re currently using or have need of in the near future (next three months).
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