Although it’s true that writing your own book and getting it published brings you the most financial gain, there are four important reasons why it’s beneficial to write for anthologies, even when you’re already a published author.

It increases your notoriety

Every author in a particular anthology will promote it to their readers.  Because the readers see you in the same publication as someone they respect, they’re highly likely to read your work and remember your name, getting you known in multiple new markets

It increases your authority

When writers unite in a themed publication, readers see this as proof they know what they’re talking about. If they didn’t, why would they agree to be in the same book?

It works like a business card

This is especially  important if you’re looking for further writing opportunities. You’re able to show interested parties what you can do and that a significant party chose a sample of your work to include in their publication.

It opens doors for a more lucrative future

With your name being out to such a wide audience, the prospects are infinite.  In addition to future writing opportunities, you could attract agents, potential employers and speaking engagements. All of these pave the way for you to make the money you need in order to make writing your career rather than your hobby.

With such amazing benefits, why would you even consider not writing for anthologies?

Currently we have an opportunity for you to write for an anthology we will be publishing early next year. Follow this link now and bring these benefits I mentioned into your life immediately





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