If you want your business to grow and thrive, you must have a newsletter. Here’s why.

Out of sight is out of mind

Like the people in your social circle, your clients want to know you’re around and what you’ve been up to. It gives them security knowing that you and your products and services are readily available. If you drop out of sight, they’ll look for someone to fill the void and it won’t take them long with all the businesses out there clamoring for attention

Keeping the name of your business prevalent

When a person is ready to buy, nine out of ten times they’ll go with the first name that comes to mind. A newsletter is a perfect non-invasive way to make sure it’s you they’ll contact because the name of your business as well as its logo will be on each one.

With this tip, think discretion and balance. Fail to keep your business’s name before your audience and you won’t be the one they contact when they need to make a purchase. However, flood them with newsletters and you’ll quickly become infamous and your writings will be relegated to the spam folder.

Makes your audience perceive you as an expert

As strange as this might sound, I promise it’s true. People put newsletter writers in the same category as authors. Just the fact you have something published will give the perception that you are more knowledgeable than those that don’t.

This is excellent for your business because when people are ready to part with their hard earned money, they want to know their getting the best product or service. And the best way for them to guarantee this is to buy from an expert (that is how you’ll be viewed whether you feel like one or not).

You’ll get more clients because your newsletter will get shared

When a person purchases your products and services, providing they meet their expectations, they’ll want others to share in their joyful experience. Passing your newsletter on is the easiest way to acquaint them with you. It’s like passing on a business card, only far more effective because you can pass the same newsletter to an infinite amount of people with just a few clicks of your keyboard.

You can get immediate feedback

Providing you make it a rule to encourage feedback in each newsletter, you’ll have a constant stream of comments. Taking them on board, you can use them to improve your products and services as well as create new ones. Naturally this will increase your business’ worth in the eyes of your audience because you’ll be providing what they want. A beautiful win/win situation.

With newsletters being such an essential part of business, it’s important you put out a quality one. If you don’t know what that looks like or you’re struggling with design aspects, we can help.

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