With 200 million people using Pinterest to make decisions on what they should do and buy next, you’d be crazy not to promote your business on this awesome social media platform.

Although there’s nothing difficult in doing so, it’s easy to miss out on a great number of potential clients if you’re not aware of all the various Pinterest pinning tricks.

Here are three that we’ve found to be the most valuable.

Make sure the photos you’re pinning on Pinterest are well presented

As the pace of living increases, people have less and less time to sit and contemplate. Huge decisions are based upon scanning the written word and looking over photos. This means, from a business point of view, that a sharp detailed photo has a far greater chance of selling your product than a grainy, blurred snapshot.

Using a quality camera in good lighting, capture a shot of your product that reveals the features you know your potential clients are looking for.

Use the written word to support your photo in Pinterest

Although you don’t want to attempt selling a product solely by the written word, you don’t want to leave it out either. There’s plenty of room in the description section of a pin to describe the product.

Succinctly sum up the chief selling points of your product using as few words as possible. The idea is to highlight what your photo reveals, ensuring your potential client notices the important features.

Make use of keywords and hashtags

Without keywords and hashtags, you’re virtually invisible to Pinterest’s search engine. Not a problem if you’re a hobbyist collecting pins for yourself. However, if you’re a business person attempting to get your name out and products seen, it’s social suicide.

When inserting keywords and hashtags into your description, remember a little goes a long way. Too many keywords and hashtags distract from your photo, ruin the hypnotic flow of your words, look obnoxious and comes across as spam.

We suggest using three keywords in your description and three hashtags tacked on the end.

If you have more you feel absolutely need inclusion, add them to a different photo.

Although we’ve discovered many more pinning tricks over the years (some more effective than others), we’ve found these three Pinterest tips to be absolutely essential for business.

You can, if you have the time and patience, go the route we did and learn the best pinning tips through trial and error or you can make use of our experience and have the Quiet Rebel Bureau team guide you.

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