You’ve read posts such as this one about why your small business needs a blog and they make perfect sense. You see how blogging can give you additional authority, bring in more visitors and help build a community on your site. Your mind is fired up with all the possibilities.

There’s just one very frustrating problem. You have absolutely no idea what to write about.

Don’t despair. Coming up with quality subject matter for your small business blog is much simpler than it first appears.

Use these resources and you’ll find your small business blog will practically write itself.

Potential client banter

Whether you own a brick and mortar business or you’re an online entrepreneur, you’re constantly in places where you can hear or see what your potential clients are sharing with one another. Pay attention to what they have to say. What thrills them? What do they struggle with on a daily basis? What don’t they understand that they wish they did? Write about these things.

Direct questions

When you’re out and about, people that are curious about your small business and what you do are bound to ask you questions. For every one person that asks you a specific question regarding your business and position, you can safely assume that there are hundreds that would be interested in your response. Use this to your advantage to create a win/win situation and blog about your answers.

Opinions of others

People love to know what others think about any given topic. Select a topic that’s relevant to your business and post a question about it on any social media platform such as Facebook. Gather all the opinions together and put them in a blog.

Your presentations

Being in small business requires you to make presentations to show the world that you’re an authority in your field. Show your blog readers your expertise by re-using your material.


By putting a poll on your blog, you allow people to state their opinions. This allows you to collect valuable feedback so you can tweak your products and services to meet the specific needs of your readership.

Guest bloggers

Sometimes it’s good to step down from your podium, re-charge your energy and give your readers some variety. Find other experts in your field that you respect and ask them to write an article for your blog. When you do, make sure that there’s something in it for them. You might return the favour or allow them to advertise their websites at the end of their blog post.

Mistakes you’ve made

Running a successful business is all about trial and error. If you didn’t make mistakes, you’d never learn the best ways to accomplish your goals. Readers love to read about your flub ups because it helps them to identify with and trust you. Everyone knows that a person that comes over perfect is hiding something and it’s dubious as to whether you can trust them.

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