We at the Quiet Rebel Bureau are excited to announce that Kim Searle’s book, Midlife is NOT a Crisis: Rediscover Your Drive and Reclaim Your Happiness, is now in print.

Having worked with her to create both the e-book and print versions of this down to earth self help guide, we highly recommend this book for anyone going through difficult times.

With understanding and compassion, Kim helps you understand how you got to this painful place in life. Then, through a series of exercises, she teaches how you can rise to new heights by removing those destructive old stories and creating new and life affirming ones.

Here’s just a taste of what others are saying about Kim’s dynamic book:

“I’ve just read this and loved it. I read a lot of self-help & psychology books, being a therapist & author myself, and what I loved about Kim’s book is that it’s a very simple, easy, down-to-earth read, yet it’s packed with wisdom, exercises and actionable tools that are really ‘doable’ for most people. This is an especially refreshing read if you’re fed up with, or don’t want, long complicated books that leave your brain addled and seem like bigger mountains to climb than the issues you’re already dealing with! You can start benefiting from this book from the get-go! If you’re looking for a lot of great, easy-to-follow advice from a lovely woman who’s been there, done that, and re-designed the T-Shirt, you’ll love this little gem!”

Maria McMahon
Clinical NLP/Hypnotherapist & Author

“This is a great book for people who want to understand how their mind works, and how they relate to themselves and to the world around them. Getting to know what makes you tick means you can make changes to what you think and how you behave. I would suggest that this book is useful to everyone, not just to those in midlife! Kim’s writing is accessible, engaging and down to earth – a very good read all round!”


“I loved this honest, open and heart warming approach to the topic of the Mid-Life Crisis. With a candid look at the author’s own life experience the reader is able to draw parallels and identify important issues that need attention. This book provides a very perceptive insight into the causes and healing of the issues typically found in a”mid-life crisis”. Easy to read and well organised, this book includes lots of valuable information and focus on the importance of emotions. The author provides plenty of advice, exercises and references for relevant healing. I can highly recommend this book.”

Miss D.J. Alsford

Start improving your life this instant. Stop by Amazon and get
Midlife is NOT a Crises: Rediscover Your Drive and Reclaim Your Happiness in e-book or print.

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