As any small holistic business owner knows, there is no business unless you have an extensive community network.

The challenges are in showing your passion, authority and expertise whilst effectively building a website and getting it rated higher in the search engines. Although there is more than one method of doing this, one of the most effective approaches is blogging.

Blogging encourages a deep connection to both you and your product. It sounds simple in theory, until you sit down to write. When you put your fingers on the keyboard, confusion and panic about what you should blog sets in.

How do you tell a person about a product in a caring genuine manner without coming over like the hard sellers you’re trying so desperately not to imitate? Where do you even begin?

As a successful business woman and blogger, Lyn Thurman has vast experience in what it takes to build a healthy client base through heart felt blogging.

On 25 April 2019, Lyn will be at the Mystic River Lounge Psychic & Healing Centre in Cosham sharing her knowledge in a two hour Blogging for Business workshop.

Because she wants you to gain all you can from her know-how, she has made it a hands on, interactive event.

Bring your laptop, learn about all the aspects of blogging for business and begin to immediately apply Lyn’s teachings on the spot.

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