There are no words to express the awesomeness of the Monday Morning Soul Missives book launch that took place on Saturday.

Spirits fused together as new friendships were formed between the authors and the audience. Each of the speakers bared their souls as they honestly shared their spiritual victories over their painful circumstances.

As if this weren’t courageous enough, they agreed to have their talks filmed and do additional one-on-one interviews with Spiritual Productions. Bear in mind that several of the speakers had never appeared in front of a camera before.

This lead to all the authors present, not just the speakers, being invited to a panel discussion that will also be filmed by Spiritual Productions and presented on YouTube. I will keep you posted as to the time.

In addition to the authors that spoke (Kate May, Ben Hornsby, Charlotte Chase, Zech Perry and Kim Searle) I want to give a special thanks to Faith Willis and Sarah Robinson. Both of these beautiful ladies came to give their full support. Sarah even travelled all the way from Bath.

A big thank you also goes to Richard for giving his time and energy to film the event.

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