I’m running a social media start-up workshop next week and it got me thinking about how stressful it can be living an online (and a real!) life.

There’s a lot of pressure to be visible on all the biggest platforms and it can feel like a burden, rather than a pleasure.  There’s an underlying sense of missing out or slopping into obscurity if you don’t post several times a day.  This pressure is increased when you have a business to run because it’s no longer just about staying in contact with friends or family – your livliehood depends on people finding you and your services.

When did the world get so fast and crazy?  I’m sure last time I blinked everything was paper memos and dial-up phones.  *sigh*

When I work with coaching clients and we broach the subject of social media, I ask the question:  “Does what you’re doing feel good?”

This is an important question to ask for everything, not only social media.  If it brings no joy or pleasure then what’s the point of doing it.  There are always better ways to do things that feel more in alignment with your spirit and that includes social media!

Maybe you hate Facebook or can’t stand the fast pace of Twitter.  It’s all okay.  If you want to be visible and connect with others, social media can be a useful tool if you don’t allow it to become a controlling beast or a numbers game.  You don’t have to be on every network, nor all of the time. 

Do what makes you feel good.

Do what makes you happy.

If you’d like to join me for an informal and fun social media evening in Cosham on Wednesday, you can find details on our Facebook page.

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