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A summer fiction anthology for 2019

tick that item off your bucket list.  become a published author in 2019.

Being a published author is a common bucket list item.  Many people dream of having their name and their words in print but few go on to realise their dream.  Stories remain unwritten and wisdom is hidden inside rather than gifted to the world.

Don’t let your dreams die. Don’t hide your words and your stories.  Be brave and shine brightly.

Holding a book that contains your name and your words —words written from the heart — is deeply satisfying.  It’s a rite of passage; moving from ‘I’ll be published one day’ to ‘I’ve done it!’.

The accomplishment of being a published author brings confidence and it’s a major achievement to put on your CV or resumé.  If you have your own business, being a published author adds authority to your brand.

Writing can bring up many fears and it’s daunting when you need to produce 50,000+ words for a book.  It might seem like too big a dream to realise when you haven’t been published before.  Don’t worry! There’s a way for you to become a published author without the stress and without the large wordcount.

Be part of an exciting new book

In July, the Quiet Rebel Bureau is  publishing A Summer to Remember, a fictional anthology by mind-body-spirit writers.  It’s a lighthearted collection of short stories to entertain, amuse and delight your imagination between summer adventures.

And we need you to help us bring this book to life.

We are looking for creative writers who dream of being published this year and would like to be part of our success.

Your contribution will not only give you the opportunity to be a published author in 2019 but you’ll also help a soulful, heartfelt small business to expand.  The Quiet Rebel Bureau wants to share the voices of those quiet writer rebels who have wisdom, humour, insight and stories to give through the written word.  We will help Mind-Body-Spirit and Self-Help authors shine their soul-light in the world while taking the stress out of publishing.

Let us tell you more

It’s an anthology – a collection of work.  This means the word count is much more doable (up to 2,500 words).  Not only will you have your short story published but you’ll also have a paragraph to promote yourself and your business.

All entries must be a short story about a memorable summer. Let your mind roam free. We’re looking for all genres of fiction save horror (fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, urban fantasy romance, etc).

You can submit a short story up to 2,500 words (minimum 1,000).  The theme is to entertain and capture the imagination of the reader.

What short fiction story would you like to read on your summer holiday or vacation? Write that!


What can I write about?

Contribution for A Summer to Remember is open to Mind-Body-Spirit writers. All submissions are to be fiction. The theme is to entertain, amuse and delight the imagination. 

We welcome submissions from the following fictional genres: 

  • Fantasy
  • Science fiction
  • Urban fantasy
  • Romance
  • Paranormal
  • Thriller
  • Mystery 

There are no other parameters.

Be authentic and let the words flow through you. We have faith the Universe will bring the stories that need to be shared and heard.

However, if you want to pitch an idea before committing to write, you can send us an email at


what is the word count?

The word count is up to 2,500 words with a minimum of 1,000.

When will the book be published?

A Summer to Remember will be published in the first part of July

where will the book be sold?

A Summer to Remember will be sold in both print and ebook format, and it will be available through online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


The deadline for submissions is 16th May 2019. Please remember there will be no exceptions.

terms & conditions

Submissions are due by 16th May 2019 without exception.  We cannot accept revisions once you have submitted your short story.

Submissions should be between 1000 and 2500 words.  Please send your submission in Microsoft Word format to

By submitting your short story for inclusion, you agree that The Quiet Rebel Bureau can edit your submission.

UK and US English submissions accepted.

You retain the copyright on your submission.  The Quiet Rebel Bureau will retain the copyright on the whole book.

By submitting to The Quiet Rebel Bureau, you agree to receive electronic communication pertaining to the publishing of A Summer to Remember

No royalties are due to authors.

Authors can purchase print copies of the book at cost.

Authors will receive an ebook copy of the book before the official publication date.

The publisher (Quiet Rebel Bureau Ltd) reserves the right to give copies of the completed book for review purposes.

Publication of A Summer to Remember will be in print and ebook.

The Quiet Rebel Bureau aims to publish A Summer to Remember anthology early July 2019.

The Quiet Rebel Bureau retains all rights to refuse any submission.


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