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About the Quiet Rebel Bureau

We spent a lot of time trying to work out the Quiet Rebel coaching niche.

Would it be general life coaching?  Maybe business coaching as Lyn has a long background of working with entrepreneurs?  Or maybe writing coaching as we started the Quiet Rebel Bureau as a mind-body-spirit publishers back in 2018 (you can read about our evolution at the end of this page)?

The conversation flowed and stalled over many cups of coffee (decaffeinated, usually).

Luckily, UK lockdown in 2020 gave us many opportunities to pick up the conversation again.

We would think we had the right idea but then we’d let it settle.  Time and again, we’d come back to the simple concept of helping people realise how awesome they are.  Basically, to remind them of their beautiful, vast potential (think unlimited) and to guide these wonderful human beings back to a more peaceful, unstuck way of living.   

It wasn’t anything new, really, as we’ve been doing this through coaching, speaking and mentoring on an ad-hoc basis for years.  But this time, we knew we wanted it to be our main focus.

In the process of finding our own clarity, we stumbled on the Three Principles.  These three truths – Universal Mind, Universal Thought and Universal Consciousness – sum up how humans create their personal realities (and they are the keys to having a much better experience through life).  It’s the stuff of all great spiritual teachings but broken down into three easier-to-digest chunks. 

A global pandemic can have a way of shifting priorities and raising unanswered questions to the surface, such as ‘is this really how I want to spend the rest of my days?’.  Maybe you’ve been questioning the pace of life or wondering what life is all about?  Perhaps you just feel stuck or anxious or stressed? 


Curious about Quiet Rebel coaching?

Meet the Quiet Rebel team

We live in a beautiful seaside town in North Wales with our teenager.  We’re a 10-minute stroll from a wide, sandy beach that goes on for miles – for a Londoner and an LAer, it’s a dream come true.

Lyn Thurman

Lyn Thurman

Coach, author, artist, holistic therapist, tarot reader, ordained minister (ULC).

Photographer. Seal watcher. Vegan chocolate expert (in training).

Paul Thurman

Paul Thurman

Coach, writer, hypnotherapist, EFT tapper, tarot reader, ordained minister.

Card game geek. Book worm. Occasional teller of ‘dad’ jokes.


Quiet Rebel Bureau (r)evolution

The best adventures begin when you’re not looking for them.  And they evolve over time into something quite beautiful, if you let them.

The Quiet Rebel Bureau was birthed in October 2018 after a stranger’s comment in a coffee house about starting a publishing company hit home.  We’re big believers in following insights and nudges from the Universe.

Our mission was to help mind-body-spirit authors self-publish their books.  We believed, as we still do, that sharing our stories and insights can have a huge, positive impact on the world.  We have helped bring some amazing books to life.

But then 2020 and Coronavirus happened.

We arrived in a new home, in a new country (from England to Wales), with only 10 hours before the first national lockdown began. It gave us a lot of time to reflect on what we really wanted to do with our lives.

We will always be passionate about writing and books.  However, we realised that we wanted less computer time and more people time.  Full-time book publishing wasn’t hitting the spot.

Both of us have always offered ‘helping’ therapies including coaching since we began our respective self employment journeys in 2007.  We knew we wanted to make coaching our focus so after a few by-the-beach coffee meetings (that’s how we do things at the QRB) we came up with a loose plan and followed the breadcrumb trail of the Universe.

And here we are 🙂

Quiet Rebel Coaches

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