The Quiet Rebel Bureau TeamThe Quiet Rebel Bureau is an independent publishing company that wants to get the much needed voices of heartfelt mind, body, spirit authors out into the world.

Whether you’re looking to begin blogging, write a book from scratch or you’re simply looking to get published, we have the resources you need.

So many talented writers fail to get their voices out into the world because they become overwhelmed with all that goes into getting a book written and published.

This is a tragedy for all involved. Writers suffer because they have unique messages they need to express whilst their potential audience suffers because there are no words to teach them how to gain true freedom and live enlightened lives.

If you’re a mind, body, spirit writer desiring to be a published author, you understand exactly what we’re talking about. You feel the pain but you don’t know what to do about it so you do nothing.

Let me assure you, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been where you are. When we wanted to write and publish our books, we couldn’t find a place with all the information we needed. We were forced to gather it from a wide range of sources and jump into the publishing process with two feet (and all fingers crossed). It was a slow, fatiguing and frustrating journey.

Filled with self doubt and overwhelm, we nearly gave up.

However, something inside wouldn’t let us. We knew we had something the world needs so we persevered. It was a difficult path but we finally made it and became published authors.  

Now that we know the way, we want to help as many mind, body, spirit writers as we can to do the same.

Once you join our team, we handle all the time consuming technical work that goes with editing, publishing and distribution. All you need to focus on is writing. If even this seems difficult at the time, we provide coaching as well.

We want your book writing and publishing experience to be so fulfilling that you won’t hesitate to continue writing if that’s your call.

If you really want your message out there, let’s get started now.

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