Lyn Thurman

Lyn Thurman

When you are an entrepreneur, an holistic practitioner, a spiritual adviser or mind-body-spirit author, the world of business can feel alien. You know you have a gift to share with the world but how do you express what you do, market yourself and make money without compromising your integrity?

It can feel out of alignment to be told the ‘right’ formulas to success. We all need to make money to survive in this world (soulful or spiritual work does not mean working for free) but we want to do it in a way that feels good.

I’m an entrepreneur, writer and author who has been self-employed for over a decade. I understand what it feels like to run your own business while trying not to sell your soul to get ahead. I know what it is like to wear many hats while starting out on the exciting, nerve-jangling, and immensely rewarding entrepreneurship journey.

As an author, I’m passionate about writing and as a small business owner (and geek), I am super-keen to help others thrive in their own business.

I see business holistically. It is all about you, your life, and can be a powerful tool to do good in the world.  If you’re an author, you’re in the business of being an author and with that comes a beautiful opportunity to influence and shape your readers.

My background is in IT and business. I spent 14 years in local government IT (not recommended) and hand-coded websites back when the internet was a baby. From there, I was a Director’s PA and I got involved in all aspects of helping to run a million pound enterprise.

I started my own entrepreneur journey in 2007 by combining virtual assistant work and website design with a side of spirituality, healing, and tarot readings.

Since then I’ve freelanced as a news editor and writer, blogged for ten years, started my own e-magazine, written for magazines, founded an online group for women, mastered WordPress, qualified as a life coach, created newsletter lists, run workshops, given talks, and published two books (The Inner Goddess Revolution and Goddess Rising).

Recently, I have also started running workshops and regular speaking engagements.

Other things you should know

My first book, The Inner Goddess Revolution, was snapped up by O-Books and published in 2015.

I self-published Goddess Rising in 2017. Apart from the final editing, I completed every step of the book publishing process myself. I created the cover, designed the interior, sourced my ISBN, created the ebook versions (epub) and, of course, wrote the book.

I’m a passionate EFT (emotional freedom technique) practitioner.  I’ve seen magic happen in front of my eyes with tapping: pains vanished, past-life traumas cleared, limiting beliefs banished and phobias disappeared.

I love to cook (and eat). I’ve been a vegetarian since 2009 but upped my game in 2015 to a plant-based diet.

My worst writing gig was having to write about credit cards but strangely, I enjoyed editing Forex trading articles.

My superpower is unravelling knots. I will spend as long as it takes to unknot string, wool, chains, or whatever.  I’m good at undoing figurative knots too.

My favourite tree is in Avebury and my favourite door is in Winchester. You do have a favourite door, right?

You can also find me at

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