Paul Thurman

Paul Thurman

I’m a heartfelt man determined to provide a platform for passionate, knowledgeable mind-body-spirit writers to share their life changing messages.

After building a church from the ground up and running it for three years, I grew discontent with the system.  Feeling that not enough was being done to help the people that needed it the most, I resigned.

Driven to help as many people as possible, I qualified  in hypnosis, NLP, tarot counseling, various kinds of coaching, EFT and other energy therapies. Although I loved working in the healing and therapy fields, they still didn’t help me reach the numbers I envisioned.

My desire to minister to the masses and my conviction that everything negative stems from a lack of connections (to self, the divine, community and the land) spurred me on to become a writer and editor.

I’ve written and published mind- body-spirit blogs, articles, magazines and even a couple of books.

Even so, I wasn’t reaching the numbers I wanted. Then one day I got an ‘aha’ moment. My dream is far too big for one person. Transformation on the level I desire requires hundreds and thousands of mind-body-spirit authors with unique voices.

Many such writers are already out there but there is at least an equal number that isn’t due to being overwhelmed with all it takes to get a published work out into the mainstream. That’s a tragedy!

So, when my wife Lyn suggested that I could use my skills and experience to help overwhelmed writers get read by forming an independent publishing company with her, I was all in.

I’m now completely invested in the Quiet Rebel Bureau.

Whether you need mentoring and coaching to write a book or you just need a publisher, we’ve got you covered.

Get in touch and let’s get your message out there.

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