Goddess Rising

Goddess Rising invites you to reconnect with the Divine Feminine by introducing you to 52-goddesses from around the world.  Let Egyptian goddess Isis introduce you to magic and Slavic Baba Yaga is waiting for you to take a risk to find her.  Inanna, with her descent to the underworld, shows you strength and Lakshmi brings abundance.  Remember your passions with Hawaiian Pele and face your fears with demon-destroying Kali.

As you learn the stories of the goddesses, you will discover how the gifts of the Divine Feminine are relevant in your own life.  You’ll understand yourself on a deeper level, find confidence in pursuing a life of greater meaning, connect with the cycles of nature, and maybe even find a patron goddess to guide you in the process.

Each goddess has a story to share, guidance to give, journal prompts, and a creative activity or ritual.

Monday Morning Soul Missives

Monday Morning Soul Missives is a collection of stories to inspire, uplift and give hope even on the gloomiest of Monday mornings. If you’ve ever felt the drudgery of the beginning of yet another week and wonder if there’s more to life, or even if life can get better, then this anthology is for you. Written to you, the reader, Monday Morning Soul Missives contains twenty-six inspiring ‘missives’, pulling from personal experience, to show you that even when you don’t believe there is hope, it’s there.

Monday Morning Soul Missives features: Jackie Frazier, Sandra ten Hoope, Martine Bolton, Wendy Radford, Kate May, Sarah Robinson, Charlotte Chase, Katie Oman, Zechariah Perry, Kris Seraphine-Oster PHD, Lynn Meadowcroft, Ben Hornsby, Melinda Annear, Joy Andreasen, FAW, Luke Voulgarakis, Philippa Clark, Kate Buxton, Paul Elliot, Renee Furlow, Genevieve Robson, Susan Thames, Reba White, Michelle Rene, Diana Sass, and Kim Searle.

Midlife is NOT a Crisis: Rediscover Your Drive and Reclaim Your Happiness

Midlife is NOT a Crisis is the essential guide for all those people who are facing a difficult time such as divorce, bereavement, career challenges, health issues or just the big questions of life – who am I? What am I doing? Where am I going? Kim provides a fascinating insight in to how we got where are and what we can do about it. Excellent set of exercises that allows the reader to identify and start to remove those old stories we tell ourselves. I am not good enough, I must, I should, I am not worthy, I can’t, I am not important. Kim is on a mission to help people to start to be more themselves and less a puppet of their lives. So if you are an overworked, stressed or worn out professional, this book is definitely for you!

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