quiet rebel podcast

hosted by lyn &paul Thurman

The Quiet Rebel Podcast, hosted by Lyn and Paul Thurman, is a weekly(ish) production where we have a chat with quiet rebels around the world. 

We love to chat with people who are going against the status quo and making a positive impact in the world (however small).  Our podcast features authors, holistic practitioners, authors, yogis and people making a difference.  Watch out!  Quiet rebellions are happening everywhere.

You can catch the latest episodes on our website (keep scrolling) or on our Castbox channel.

Want to be a guest on the Quiet Rebel podcast?

We would love to interview with holistic practitioners, mbs authors, spiritual guides, eco-warriors and people who are making the world a better place.

Contact us now and let’s chat!

Latest Quiet Rebel podcast episodes

Quiet Rebel Podcast: Episode 1

Quiet Rebel Podcast: Episode 1

Join us, Paul and Lyn Thurman, as we share what the Quiet Rebel Bureau is, why it's unique and what they see it evolving into in the future.
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