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Love Above Fear

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A Free Course to finding peace in turbulent times

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There is little denying that the current world we live in is chaotic and turbulent.  This collective reality shows a time of aggression, duplicity, inequality, restriction and hardship – and fear is at the root of all of these traits.  It’s so easy to get lost in this challenging energy and forget that it’s possible to find peace amongst it.

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It would be fantastic to be able to wave a magic wand to transform the outside landscape into one of harmony but sadly, no such wand is available (yet).  That leaves the option of transforming how you see the world by changing from the inside.  This is where peace can be found and true change takes place.

Love Above Fear: Finding Peace in Turbulent Times is a five-lesson journey to help you find your way to peace.  It covers:

  • Responsibility & Acceptance: Accepting the places where fear is stuck and taking responsibility for your peace of mind
  • Willingness: Being open to releasing fear and seeing things differently
  • Forgiveness: Letting go of the attachments to fear and pain inside
  • Gratitude: Opening the connection between the head and the heart
  • Love: Releasing fear to find the gateway to love

Each lesson is broken down into three sections.  You’ll find:

  • Something for the head: A new way of looking at the outside/inside world
  • Something for the hands: An EFT tapping video/script that you can tap along to.  EFT tapping an easy to use healing technique based on the meridian energy system.
  • Something for the heart: Journal prompts for deeper reflection and insights.

Take these lessons at your own pace – everything you need is within this workbook. Each lesson is designed to take up only about half an hour of your time.

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We’d love to send you our free five-lesson course Love Above Fear.  It is delivered in one, handy PDF workbook so you can go through it at your own speed.  To receive the workbook, just sign up for our weekly(ish) newsletter.

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