There’s an amazing quote from the artist and writer Caroline Caldwell that says; 

‘In a society that profits from your self-doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act’. 


This is what it’s all about!

Being a quiet rebel means that you go against the grain, sing your own song, and dance to the beat of your own drum. You consciously choose not to be another beige sheep that mindlessly follows the herd without stopping to question the if’s, what’s and but’s. For some people this mindless existence may be enough for them, but the quiet rebel knows there’s more to life. They see the problems that litter our world and are determined to do what they can to make the Earth a better place.

And that’s why Caroline’s quote sings to me! In essence, you can’t stick your rebel hat on unless you’re prepared to at least consider the crazy possibility that you may be alright just as you are. The media and big corporations would have you believe that this line of thinking is nonsense, of course. How can you be alright if you haven’t worshipped at the altar of consumerism and bought everything under the sun to make yourself younger/prettier/thinner/cooler (delete as appropriate)?

Let me let you into a little secret…

These corporations want you to feel bad about yourself, so you’ll spend more money! If we all took a stand and accepted ourselves just as we are, these big companies would fold faster than a house of cards in a hurricane. So, they literally spend millions of pounds in advertising just to bash your insecurities over the head with a pointy stick. Without an awareness of why they’re doing this, we can all end up feeling like useless, stupid, fat and ugly monsters; which is exactly what they want from you.

It’s time to rise up!

To say no more to this mindless brainwashing of crap that’s forced upon us everywhere we turn!

You don’t have to fall prey to their marketing tricks.

You can be the rebel that you secretly dream of being.


Well, first you, you’ve got to start being mindful about your diet. No, I’m not talking about food and drink, but what you read, watch and listen to daily. Does the entertainment you consume make you feel good or bad about yourself? Does it make you feel empowered and inspired, or as though you may as well as chuck a duvet over your head and hide away from the world?

If it’s the latter, then it’s got to go! Most glossy magazines are prime suspects in this, for they are purely designed to eat away at your self-esteem. Any TV show, film or article that makes you feel inadequate also have be chucked into the Rebel Bonfire. And, while we’re at it, toss in any songs that demean you in any way for your gender, age, size, or ethnicity. Throw them all into the flames and let your inner rebel dance with joy!

You don’t have to mindlessly take this stuff in with no thought to how it’s affecting you. We all have a choice in each moment what we give our time and attention to. In fact, the moment we all wise up and let our inner rebel take centre stage, the moment the media and big corporations will understand just who really has the most influence and control: us.

Secondly, it’s time to make friends with yourself. How do you treat yourself? Like a best friend or your worst enemy? If your inner dialogue is running the self-hate record on loop, you’re going to find it hard to be any kind of rebel at all. You’ll be far too busy focusing on how awful you are to give anything else much thought. Besides, what’s the point if you’re going to fail, or people are going to laugh at you and reject you for it, right?


Ultimately, you can’t be anyone else but you; everyone else is already spoken for, I’m afraid. And, you are incredible just as you are, with your own unique blend of talents, attributes and skills that make you YOU! Please don’t roll your eyes at me, I’m talking about you too here. No matter how you talk to yourself, I promise you that you are special just as you are. And, until we allow ourselves to see that, our inner rebel will be hidden away in a cave of endless fear.

How do you change the record?

Start by listing all your achievements to date, no matter how big or small. Add in your skills and attributes too. If you struggle with this, ask a trusted friend or family member to help you. Get your butt in front of the mirror too and really look at your reflection for 5 minutes without running away. Super awkward, I know, but it’ll help you to really see yourself as you are, and to see the bright light that shines within you. It’s there, I swear to you!

A quiet rebellion starts with us. It starts with how we see ourselves and our place in the world, and that means learning to accept ourselves for who we are. Make that first step today to see yourself differently and know that it will have a positive effect on every other area of your life. You truly deserve nothing less.

About our guest rebel

Katie Oman is a writer and has published Happiness: Make Your Soul Smile through O Books in May 2018. As part of this launch, Katie was able to give a talk on happiness at Watkins Books in London, and this video has subsequently gone on to become one of their most viewed videos on their YouTube channel. Katie is also a well-respected and much loved psychic and angel expert who writes monthly for the national magazines Soul & Spirit and, from April 2107, for Chat It’s Fate.  Since 2010 she has given hundreds of psychic readings to clients, using a combination of oracle cards, her own clairvoyant abilities and her life coaching skills. Katie’s focus is to uplift, inspire and motivate others, and she carries this through all the work she does. Katie has a degree in English and Drama, and is a fully qualified teacher, which she believes will be invaluable assets for getting her messages out to others, as well as helping people to help themselves. As well as writing books, including her first two self-published works Chasing Rainbows and Little White Feathers (written under the name Katie Golby), she also utilises her teaching experience through her online course, Connecting with the Angels. Her spare time is spent being a mum to her three children, and engaging in her love of creative pursuits.


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