You would have to be a very close-minded person, (or perhaps a Trump supporter) not to appreciate the precarious situation we find ourselves in. The earth is in an unprecedented state of crisis. Corporate wealth creates crises only to benefit from selling ‘solutions’ that transmute into new problems.  Banks lending to both sides in war. Governments creating conflict to profit from arms sales. Nestle ‘buying’ up natural water supplies and selling them back at vast profit. Ironic ‘natural’ asset stripping, trickle-down economics of obscene, perverse elites. An ever-growing gap of apocalyptic proportions between rich and poor. The economic elite, fearing the consequences of their own greed and self-interest, are planning their survival against the masses. Which region will be less affected by the coming climate crisis: New Zealand or Alaska? How will they pay their security guards once money is worthless? What is the safest fortified bunker? Well, good luck with that! At some point we need to act, engage and make our voices heard. I’ve found it hard to remain a quiet rebel – as headteachers in schools I have both attended and taught in will testify. Sadly, well intentioned rebellion is often hijacked by violent factions and misrepresented in the media and its impact diluted. It also comes at a personal cost. I won’t forget riots in North London in the late 1970’s or throwing bricks at the National Front with the Anti-Nazi League, it was very scary and doubtless many were injured. In the 1990’s the designer Katharine Hamnett designed a t-shirt for the charity I worked for with the slogan ‘How you spend your money controls what happens on the planet’. At the time, I believed this was the best way to tackle greed and excessive capitalism and to a degree I still do.  Slogans and protests can work, although I doubt how I spend my money wisely will ultimately make much difference. The largest public protest in the history of this country was ‘Stop the War’ – and sadly it didn’t, and we now live with the consequences of a government set upon war. Nevertheless, real change, a crucial component in evolution, can be brought through a quiet rebellion. My former pupils loved Gandhi’s middle finger mudra at the might of British colonial rule, proving a non-violent approach can prevail. However, sometimes incognito action produces the best results. Imagine, if you will, a small gathering of people in a suburban semi-detached home, quietly and with intention – creating poppets to bind those who act against the will of the people for short term, personal financial gain.  The ‘Cuadrilla, driller-killer’ designed to stop fracking. An Esther McVey barbie doll to embarrass Universal Credit and repay withheld benefits. Both seem to be working well over the last week – all this without a placard or raised voice! Now really is the season of the Witch.

About our guest rebel

Jonathan is a Witch, teacher and public speaker. His practice draws upon the foundation of both modern and traditional witchcraft blended with the wisdom of mystical traditions and philosophical ideas from across the globe.

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