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quiet rebels

self-publish books & blogs as well as
revolutionise their online businesses

spiritual authors & entrepreneurs – it’s your time to impact the world

If you’re a mind-body-spirit author or entrepreneur, you hold a vision greater than self-publishing a book or running a business.  You want to make a difference. 

You want to help others achieve more from life.  You want to share your gifts and be of service.  You want your unique voice and your wisdom to be heard.

Your own business –  a traditional business, an online business or the business of being an author – is a vehicle to get your message into the world, do what you love AND make money doing it. 

At the Quiet Rebel Bureau we work with spiritual entrepreneurs to help you:

  • self-publish books
  • get more from blogging
  • create an authentic digital presence
  • gain clarity & direction in your business


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