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We’re a boutique, indie publishing company.  We love to work with mind-body-spirit and self-help authors who have a vision of making a difference in the world.  

We believe the world needs to hear quiet voices of wisdom. We believe stories need to be shared. And we believe there is always – always – a need for more heartfelt books.

At the Quiet Rebel Bureau, we make it easier for authors to self-publish books so you can reach a wider audience, gain a larger following and have your wisdom reach more people.

We are not a traditional publishing company that offers royalties on sales.  You purchase a publishing package from us and then you keep all of your net royalties.

We sub-edit, proofread, typeset and do all the other necessary tasks to turn your manuscript into a print book and/or ebook.  

If you think we’d be a good fit for your book then let’s talk.  Use the form on this page to tell us more about your book and we’ll be in touch. 



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