Editing Service

Whether you’ve chosen to let us do all the time consuming work by purchasing one of our publishing packages or you’ve decided to do it all yourself, it’s essential that you make sure your book is professionally edited if you want to be taken seriously.

We can help you by correcting:

✔ Subject–verb disagreements

✔ Grammatical errors

✔ Inconsistencies of tenses

✔ Errors in punctuation

✔ Dialogue punctuation errors

✔ Errors in capitalisation and hyphenation

We make all these corrections for only £150 for works up to 20,000 words and £7.50 per 1,000 words for 20,000+

Please note

If your manuscript requires heavy editing (anything in addition to the above),there will be a surcharge. Should this be the case, we will notify you of the amount and await your approval before making any changes to your document.

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