Quiet Rebel spiritual coaching

Guiding you to a soulful life

Are you seeking a deeper, more meaningful life? Are you lacking clarity and direction? Do you desire true connection to yourself, to others and to your life purpose?

We approach coaching (and life) holistically from the inside out.  You don’t need to be fixed – you’re not broken – but it is easy to become lost in these chaotic, confusing, busy and noisy times. 

Everything you need to live a more fulfilling, joyous life is inside of you. 

We support you to align to who you truly are. We help you remove the limiting beliefs that stop you from experiencing more calm, more clarity and more inspiration.  We guide you back to your divine essence.

By investing in yourself, Quiet Rebel spiritual coaching sessions can help you to:


  • Reconnect with your true self.
  • Find clarity and direction.
  • Experience joy.
  • Gain different perspectives on life.
  • Live your life purpose.
  • Become less stressed and anxious.
  • Reawaken your intuition.
  • Be in the flow of life.
  • Rekindle your self-confidence.
  • Be open to creativity and fresh insights.
  • Transform!

There is no one way…..

You’re unique and we believe coaching should reflect your uniqueness.  You are more than your body, mind or life circumstances.  Life is a precious gift that isn’t meant to be given away to stress, anxiety, meaningless situations (jobs, relationships, social media etc.) or stagnation.  It’s a flowing journey but one that can appear stuck when you’re out of alignment with your spirit.

Tapping into your inner wisdom, we will help you see your challenge from an inside out perspective. When you see the true nature of your challenge, you will be empowered to make confident decisions that propel you in the direction you wish to go. This revelation will allow you to confidently become unstuck through fresh creative ideas.

Curious? Let’s tell you a bit more about our coaching

Quiet Rebel spiritual coaching can be booked as either a three 1-hour sessions package or an eight 1-hour sessions package.

Coaching sessions are online via Google Meet (or similar) and last for one hour.  You can book to work with Lyn or Paul.

If you purchase a 3-session package, individual sessions can be booked consecutively for an intensive morning or afternoon session.  Alternatively, you may book your sessions over the course of 3-months.

If you purchase a 8-session package, you may book a consecutive block of 3 sessions for an intensive morning or afternoon with the remainder of the sessions to be booked over the course of 6-months.  Alternatively, you may wish to book sessions individually within a 6-month timeframe.

You can find the current prices for our coaching on our pricing page.  You’ll also find details of our pricing philosophy and how we will always do what we can to work with you regardless of your current financial situation.


Send us an email and we’d love to connect with you.  We aren’t into sales pitches or marketing strategies – we genuinely would like to see if we can be helpful in guiding you towards a more peaceful, more meaningful life.

We bring a big bag of holistic tools to each coaching session

Quiet Rebel Coaches

We’re both qualified life coaches, ordained ministers and holistic practitioners with decades of experience in helping people find deeper meaning and more grace in life.  As humans that have made bountiful mistakes in nearly every area of life, salvaging what we could and learning from our losses, we also have nearly a century (eek!) of life experience between us.

As we’ve travelled our life paths, first separately and now together, our emphasis has always been on transformation through awareness and elimination of limiting beliefs. Our mission is to help others to awaken to their divinity so they can live a connected and fulfilled life. 

We believe that the greatest act of rebellion in these modern times is to be fully yourself and to live with divine purpose.

Quiet Rebel Coaches

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